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With twenty five years in the practice and management of a highly respected tree maintenance firm in Philadelphia, Mr. Hucker is intimately familiar with all aspects of tree preservation along with client and employee management requirements.  This experience includes contracts, duty of care, employee safety and all applicable state and federal requirements.  Employee and client management requires an in-depth understanding of OSHA, ANSI, and other industry standards.

While Mr. Hucker has broad industry understanding, his consulting work typically involves risk assessment, failure analysis and the estimation of the monetary worth of established trees.  Typical questions asked of Mr. Hucker by professional audiences include; “why did the tree fail,” “who, if anyone, should or could have known that the tree was going to fail” and “what is the monetary worth of the tree that fell.”

Services Include:

Tree Appraisal, Estimating Reasonable Costs or Value
Risk Assessment, Review and Prioritizing
Utility and Right-of-Way  Assessment, Standards of Care
Failure Analysis, Documentation and Reporting
Education. Presentations to Regional and National Audiences