American Society of Consulting Arborists
    Registered Consulting Arborist #388

International Society of Arboriculture

Utility Arborist Association

Tree Care Industry Association
Founder and Owner of Pioneer Tree Expert Company
    Philadelphia, PA                         1972-1997

Past President of Historic Bartram's Garden
    Oldest Botanical Garden in the United States

Full Time Arboricultural Consultant Since 1997
    Serving Primarily Professional Audiences

Expert Analysis, Reporting and Testimony
at Local, State and Federal Levels

J. David Hucker, RCA
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Highly skilled arborist with over fourty years of experience in the diagnosis and evaluation of trees and woody plants.  Possesses keen ability to assess longevity, potential risk and monetary value of trees. 

Specializes in hazard recognition and assessment, as well as tree and landscape appraisal. Provides investigation, documentation, formal report writing, oral presentations, education and training.